No Need to Worry


…Okay, so I actually bought this one and put it in my house. (After hearing about it on the Flip the Table podcast, I couldn’t resist.) This is a game that subverts board game conventionsbut not in the “lol, this space says I’m incontinent now*” (*this is an actual space) way that The Game of REAL Life does it. Rather–


(Here’s a fun gamefind the rule that would get you Hulk Hogan’d from your job in 2015)


Sometimes the game directs you to switch money and chairs with your opponents; sometimes it forces you to go back three spaces if “someone is smiling.” Sometimes you have to do an impression of a rock:


(Note: You have to supply your own rock.)

The spaces are equally weird and creative:

mad-magazine-game-standing mad-magazine-game-elbows

As are the cards:



Man. Is this why people have friends? So they can play weird games like this? Now I wanna do a podcast where we play weird dumb games!!

I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED BOARD GAME WEEK HERE AT THE YARDSALING TO ADVENTURE INTERNET BLOG. Next week: probably more weird board games, because seriously there’s so many of them, and they’re all over the yard sales.

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