…Okay, this one’s probably going to be a lot less exciting to everyone than previous boxed lots. But hey, it’s still technically a box of games! Or at least, some of it’s games; the rest is old reference materials; old system programs; and old, totally unusable adult software. (…Sorry, I probably should’ve said “grown-up” software there. Boring software? Whatever. Now I own three copies of Quicken Deluxe ’98.)

But man, what a value! It’s hard to believe they were just giving away the whole box for free, isn’t it?!

(They actually had two boxes, but some punk kid heard me asking about them and then grabbed the other one. I HOPE IT WAS FULL OF GARBAGE.)

Let’s dive in! First up:

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An Amazing New World


FWIW, I didn’t pay either of those prices. (It was a quarter at the thrift store that doesn’t have cool cats to play with.)

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, this is a non-fiction, first-person narrative account of what the Internet was like in 1995published in 1995! IRC chatrooms, newsgroups, MUDs, a forum devoted to the destruction of Barney the Dinosaur… As someone who still remembers the random jumble of characters that comprised his Prodigy e-mail address (PXVQ62C why would you do this to me Prodigy), that’s the kind of thing I can get into. Continue reading

They’re Taking Our Guns Away!

We’re back! (A Dinosaur’s Story! Sorry, force of habit.)

In case you didn’t know, we recently took up and moved from Ohio (“The Buckeye State”) to California (“The It’s How Far Away??? State”). The drive took us four days, with me, my wife, our two bunnies, our turtle, my parents-in-law, and our collection of I-don’t-know-probably 74 house plants packed into two cars, driving along exactly one interstate for 12 hours a day and surviving on gas-station sandwiches and Pop-Tarts alone.

Here’s a video I took of the trip:

After taking a week to settle in/visit the redwood forest and the beaches/spin around in a chair waiting for the movers to show up with all our stuff, I hit the yard sales this Saturday morningand already things are getting weird, in the best possible way.

This weekend alone I encountered:

  • A dog named Willie Nelson who eats organic pumpkin for breakfast (“He’s got pumpkin-mouth right now.”)
  • Someone walking their pet pig
  • A dude skateboarding through the supermarket (I’m serious)
  • The WORLD’S LARGEST TOTEM POLE, in the same supermarket’s parking lot (??)

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Danger of Dismemberment

IMG_8680 (Medium)

IMG_8681 (Medium)

I was just listening on NPR about how computers can be better therapists than flesh-peopleit’s easier to share with them, because they don’t judge you when you say creepy things like “yes, I do believe in GamerGate.” I’m not sure about that, but they’re almost certainly better at designing board games, if this is the best WE’VE come up with.

I can’t think of a single thing that could go wrong with a board game about sharing your innermost thoughts and fears with 3 to 6 of your closest friends. (Although at least in this one, you’re not telling them what dog they look like.) Continue reading

Throw Away Your Garbage Camera


Submitted by frequent yard sale adventurer (and part-time sassy teenage dungeon crawler) Mike Teevee!, who writes:

On Saturday I bought an old 3D camera solely to acquire this: a 3D camera instructional video hosted by Vincent Price. I have no regrets whatsoever.

mike-fb-third-dimensionWhatever, I still win.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a 300-year-old Vincent Price narrate people hiding in the bushes and taking photos of children (seriously), you can watch the whole thing in garbage 2D here:

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