[NSFW] Stress Chest

It’s amazing how the yard sales have gotten so much more R-rated since I moved to northern California. Sure, there was that one sale in Connecticut that had just mountains and mountains of porn; but beyond that you don’t usually see anyone’s naked bits, unless someone’s bending over to look at old train sets and you can tell very obviously that they forgot to wear a belt.

Next up, in “Mom, Don’t Read This” Week! …Well, we don’t see butts. We see something other than butts. (For the record, this one’s also appropriate for “Why, Just Why?” Week.)

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[NSFW] People Are People


Okay, phew. It’s “Mom, Don’t Read This!” Week here at Yardaling to Adventure, where I’m sharing all the great finds I’ve been holding off on posting, because I didn’t want my mom to see me writing about butts and boobs. (So don’t tell her, or else I might lose my allowance.) As This American Life might say, these posts will acknowledge the existence of sex, so read at your own peril.

First up! We’re starting off with this week’s tamest selection: a puzzle that’s just floor-to-ceiling doodles of naked people. Misshapen lumpy bits, scribbled-in pubes and all. Continue reading

Very Attractive Legs

running-poster(Click for full view!)

Apparently weird posters is the hot new thing at Yardsaling to Adventure this year! (Especially since VHS tapes has turned out to be a bit of a bust.)

FWIW, I’m (sort of) a runner, and I can confirm that “PUFF!” and “GRUNT!” are two very common running catchphrases (followed closely by whatever the poop emoji sounds like in real life).

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VH-YES: More Dinosaurs!


“It’s More Dinosaurs than any other dinosaur program! It’s More Dinosaurs than ever before in one place! It’s More Dinosaurs than you can imagine! That’s why we call it…More Dinosaurs!!!”

Lizo used to borrow these tapes from the library all the time; they’re sort of like if Beakman’s World was less bad and was about dinosaurs. Cool, weirdo kids’ shows, with wacky hosts using puns (so many puns) to explain why dinosaurs are the best. There’s a whole bunch of them, like “Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs”, “More Dinosaurs”, and “Seriously, How Many F***ing Dinosaurs Are There Anyway?”.

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Burned Out


I’m not getting political here; there’s just something so sad to me about a Bernie supporter in California (California!) tossing away his bumper sticker more than a month before the primary even happens. Like a kid playing Ninja Turtles dejectedly putting away his toy bo staff and saying “whatever, Raphael’s fine”.

(On the same weekend I found this, California held its delegate elections, and man, if there was ever anything to prove to me that our whole system of voting needs to be tossed into a volcano, it was waiting in line to vote for the person who’d be voting for the person I want to vote for in the primary. …At least there were cookies.)

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