You Can Be Anything

It’s true what they say: books let you live out your wildest dreams.

And speaking of, uh, fish…it seems like the old yardsale pond is startin’ to dry up, so I think it’s time to call it a season! See ya’ll again next year, with even more weird and upsetting things!

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Faxable Greeting Cards!

Don’t worry, nothing racist today.

There’s no one alive today who remembers the fax machine (it’s a lot like the dodo bird in that regard, or a functioning federal government), but once upon a time, you could use this book to fax facsimiles of greeting cards to friends and family members you didn’t like enough to send real greeting cards to.

These cards range from the disarmingly innocuous:

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The Gift of Third-Degree Burns

It’s a very cute idea with one teensy, tiny design flaw…one that Grandma is bound to find the first time she tries to jam that thing into a standard-issue cup holder.

(Actually, now that I look at it more closely…is that a spout? Did they print this design on a coffee creamer?? I have so many questions…)

Edit: Alex Jedraszczak points out on Twitter:

 My dad had a mug just like that (minus the part about grandma). It had grippy rubber on the bottom and was meant to sit on the dashboard. I think maybe cars up until the ’80s or ’90s didn’t have cupholders as standard equipment.

the more you know

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