Burned Out


I’m not getting political here; there’s just something so sad to me about a Bernie supporter in California (California!) tossing away his bumper sticker more than a month before the primary even happens. Like a kid playing Ninja Turtles dejectedly putting away his toy bo staff and saying “whatever, Raphael’s fine”.

(On the same weekend I found this, California held its delegate elections, and man, if there was ever anything to prove to me that our whole system of voting needs to be tossed into a volcano, it was waiting in line to vote for the person who’d be voting for the person I want to vote for in the primary. …At least there were cookies.)

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“We Have a Dragon Bike”

Every year I debate about when I should bring the blog back from hibernation. Is the timing right? Will there be anything to talk about, or will all the sales just be a bunch of shirtless guys selling rugs? (Note: That post was so long ago that I don’t really remember if they were shirtless, but they definitely, definitely were.)

This year, I knew I’d made the right choice when I saw these words in a yardsale listing: “we have a dragon bike.” Or, as I read them in my mind’s eye:


A dragon bike? What the hell is a dragon bike?? This is Northern California, so anything’s possible, and sure enough…


They had a dragon bike! (Made out of recycled water bottles, per the owner, who noted my interest after she saw me snapping photos with my tongue lolling out of my mouth.)

Of course, what she didn’t mention in the ad…was that she actually had…..


TWO DRAGON BIKES!!! (This photo didn’t come out as well because I was afraid if I got caught again I’d have to buy the thing out of shame.)

This is totally unrelated to yardsales, but something similar happened when we first moved out here. One of the apartment listings mentioned that the place had a “whale driveway.” (What the hell is a whale driveway?) We didn’t end up taking it, but months later curiosity got the best of me, and I drove out to check the place out.

We almost lived here:

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(Don’t) Hang in There

Never, ever skip the posters & artwork section of the thrift store. Why? Well, for one, just this past weekend I found a framed print celebrating bagels. Just, like…bagels. The food. It lives with me in its forever home now.


But also, a couple of weeks ago, while pawing through all these high-school art projects that someone’s gonna be really mad Mom and Dad threw away, I came across a series of (de)motivational posters, suitable for the Cool Boss™: Continue reading

Extra Pieces

I’m sorry the last post was a little on the weird and morbid side, guys. To make up for it here’s a box of body parts I found:


This was from an estate sale (note: probably not the deceased’s actual severed limbs) for a woman who “was a real character,” according to the person running the sale. She had an entire room with nothing but body parts—skulls, severed limbs, and bloody organs spilling off the tables and shelves. It was probably just arranged that way for the sale, but I’d MUCH rather think that’s just how the house was, with this guy’s lone eyeball watching you as you sleep.

skull-with-rubber-nose“All told I’m not sure I would visit this B&B again.”

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Practical Baby Storage

Welcome to the 2016 season of Yardsaling to Adventure, everyone! I can’t wait to see what wonderful treasures we find this year, and—oh. Here’s two babies jammed into a glass jar.


(The guy was kind of giving me the stink-eye while I was photographing it, too, like was the one doing something weird. YOU HAVE A JAR OF BABIES. THAT’S NOT WHERE BABIES GO.)

Happy New Year, everyone! P.S., don’t Google “jar of babies”. It doesn’t help.

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