[NSFW] Everything Has to be Naked

Here are some of the other things you find when you search online for “sexy candy mold,” in case you were wondering. (Warning—NSFW. Oh my god so NSFW. Be prepared to burn your computer if you actually click on those.)

…And now I have “sexy candy mold” forever etched into my Google search history.

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[NSFW] Standing Too Close to a Naked Man

To conclude “Mom, Don’t Read This Week,” here’s a tasteful mixed-media painting of a bunch of naked dude-torsos and ding-dongs that I found in one of our local thrift stores. (Look, I said the painting was tasteful; I didn’t say I was.)


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[NSFW] People Are People


Okay, phew. It’s “Mom, Don’t Read This!” Week here at Yardaling to Adventure, where I’m sharing all the great finds I’ve been holding off on posting, because I didn’t want my mom to see me writing about butts and boobs. (So don’t tell her, or else I might lose my allowance.) As This American Life might say, these posts will acknowledge the existence of sex, so read at your own peril.

First up! We’re starting off with this week’s tamest selection: a puzzle that’s just floor-to-ceiling doodles of naked people. Misshapen lumpy bits, scribbled-in pubes and all. Continue reading