Fashion Faux Paw

…Yeah, I own THIS shirt, so I don’t think I’m allowed to make fun. It would be hy-purr-kitty-cal.

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A T-Shirt With Butts on It

I knew this was a phrase, but I’m not too proud to admit I had to look up what it meant. Thankfully, UrbanDictionary (official slogan: “The Yahoo Answers of Dictionaries”) had me covered.

Whoops, wrong one! It actually means lowering your hindquarters to the dance floor. (But for real, I would definitely buy a shirt that said “drop it like it’s Scott.” F*** that guy.)

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Days of the Leek

The worst thing about buying clothes at a thrift store is that nothing’s ever in your size—and if it is, it has someone else’s sweat stains all over it—and if it doesn’t, then at the very least it’s covered in old cat hair.

The best thing about it is this shirt, period. I think my favorite part is the vegetables’ expression; they don’t look like they’re excited about Friday. They look anxious, like they’re supposed to give an oral presentation on Friday and they kinda wanna get it over with, but they also don’t feel super prepared and wanna go over their notes 50 more times. The carrot is actually stress-shaking over it. I love this shirt.

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Syracuse vs. The World

My sister-in-law went to Syracuse University, so I know a lot of things about the school, like 1) their mascot is a literal orange, named Otto and 2) that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Now I know a third thing: they’re also super, SUPER competitive, especially for a college WHOSE MASCOT IS A LITERAL ORANGE NAMED OTTO.*

For example, here’s a t-shirt promoting their sports game against South Florida:


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