Membership in the Software of the Month Club!!

PRO-TIP: Never, ever ever skip a “fill a bag for five bucks!” sale at the local church. Sure, a lot of the stuff is utter crap, picked over from other, slightly better crap; but sometimes you get lucky. Like the time I found a heart-shaped unicorn clock. Or the time I found a romantic comedy about Antarctic penguin research. Or the time I found a disturbingly realistic cat pillow.

Actually, scratch thatyou always get lucky at church sales.

Recently, I found this:

Someone’s old collection of “Software of the Month” discs!! (I picked them up along with an old strand of Christmas lights and a bunch of slightly used file folders; it was a good sale). Now, I’d never actually heard about the “SoMC” before (although my wife swears that her little sister was a card-carrying member); apparently it was (as you might suspect) a software mailing list where you’d get a bunch of new discs in the mail every month. Only $40 a year! For a modern-day comparison, PlayStation Plus is $60 a year, and you don’t even get “popular web links” with it.

Inside the game cases, you find this image that about sums up my ideal aesthetic:

As for the games themselves…okay yeah, a lot of the discs I found were just nothing. Mostly edutainment titles so boring that even won’t play them, and I once played a game that was just videos of whales. I was however excited to find a copy of a Pink Panther point-and-click adventure game (which my friend Lauren had recently LP’d).

I’m finished writing this post now, but for more, here’s a vintage 1996 article detailing someone’s experience with the club.

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