Burned Out


I’m not getting political here; there’s just something so sad to me about a Bernie supporter in California (California!) tossing away his bumper sticker more than a month before the primary even happens. Like a kid playing Ninja Turtles dejectedly putting away his toy bo staff and saying “whatever, Raphael’s fine”.

(On the same weekend I found this, California held its delegate elections, and man, if there was ever anything to prove to me that our whole system of voting needs to be tossed into a volcano, it was waiting in line to vote for the person who’d be voting for the person I want to vote for in the primary. …At least there were cookies.)

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…Okay, this one’s probably going to be a lot less exciting to everyone than previous boxed lots. But hey, it’s still technically a box of games! Or at least, some of it’s games; the rest is old reference materials; old system programs; and old, totally unusable adult software. (…Sorry, I probably should’ve said “grown-up” software there. Boring software? Whatever. Now I own three copies of Quicken Deluxe ’98.)

But man, what a value! It’s hard to believe they were just giving away the whole box for free, isn’t it?!

(They actually had two boxes, but some punk kid heard me asking about them and then grabbed the other one. I HOPE IT WAS FULL OF GARBAGE.)

Let’s dive in! First up:

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Several weeks ago, I started a contest to get rid of these stupid stickers I got give back to the Yardsaling to Adventure! community. I gave away positively ancient “Handle With Care” adhesives to anyone who would 1) like my Facebook page, and 2) ask for them.

Many asked for the stickers, but only one followed through and showed me what she did with them afterwards. Thankfully, this one lone hero—my friend Shannon, of “Pear of Sheep” fame—made up for it by putting the sticker on everything.

This includes…

Star Trek communicator panel…

A djembe drum… Continue reading

Want A Free “Handle With Care” Sticker?

Okay, so I have about 30 of these “Handle With Care” stickers from yesterday’s yardsale, and I’m afraid that, if I keep them all, I WILL die, because I will inevitably want to lick them all and stick them to everything in my apartment, including both of my bunny rabbits and my wife.

There’s only one way out of this that I can see,* and that is: the first-ever Yardsaling to Adventure giveaway! Yes, I’m giving away these absolutely ancient “Handle With Care” adhesives! For free! To anyone who wants them!

All you have to do get one is:

1) Like our brand-new Facebook page!
2) E-mail me your mailing address!
3) Promise you’ll stick the adhesive to something cool! and
4) Send me a picture of the cool thing you stuck it to.

After a bit I’ll post everyone’s pictures—and then maybe even give an additional prize to the best one. Baby Benjamin Franklin, anyone?

Send me your addresses now! It’s the only way to save my life.

* Actually this was my cousin Christina’s idea.

Connecticut Prices

You know what? I’m just going to say it—screw anyone who posts their Craigslist ads more than a week in advance. I ended up driving 15 minutes out of my way today in search of a neighborhood-wide sale that ended up not existing, because the stupid listing was posted a week early, and I hadn’t noticed.

…Okay, granted, if I had actually looked at the date in the listing, I would’ve realized that it wasn’t today. BUT WHATEVER. There’s no need to get your ads out that early; nobody cares! Do you really think someone’s going to be like “Well, I was planning to visit my nonnie in the hospital that morning, but NEVERMIND! THERE’S A YARDSALE! CLEAR MY CALENDAR!” These people are almost as bad as the jerks who only hold their sales on Fridays, WHEN EVERYONE’S WORKING, YOU DUMMIES! MAN!!

Okay, I’m done fumigating now. Here’s some stuff I found. Continue reading