You Did It Wrong

I decided to check out the San Jose Flea Market a couple weekends ago while I was in town for Arglefumph‘s wedding, and I can’t say I was super impressed with what was described as “the largest open-air market in the U.S.” Maybe it’s different if you get there during peak hours (I was visiting at 8:15 AM on a Friday), but when I got there it looked like this:


At least those three vendors that bothered to show up probably had some really cool stuff, right? Well…


A bunch of generic pro-wrestling action figures? I got up at 7 for this?! I mean whatever, that’s just normal dollar store junk


WAIT, WHY IS THAT DUDE WRESTLING A GECKO. And the other dude’s fighting a snake?? Did wrestling secretly get awesome again in the last 10 years?! What other cool knock-off toys do they have here?!


Well, it looks like they basically nailed Star Warsexcept for the weirdly-shaped heads, the aliens, and the fact that Hans Sulu isn’t even in there at all. Anything else?


yeah i’m never going outside again

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