The Computer That Thinks It’s a Toy!

I guess I own a Sega Pico now:

sega-pico-1(Fun fact: “I guess I own a Sega Pico now” was the word-for-word reaction of every kid who ever got one of these in the 90’s.)

The thing cost a dollar at a church sale—and was marked down to fifty cents. It looked so sad, just sitting there, hidden underneath a table, behind a bunch of empty boxes and some plastic bags and, uhm…oops, I hope I didn’t just steal this from someone…

I remember seeing the Sega Pico (sorry, it’s pronounced Pico) in stores and thinking “man, that is the weirdest looking thing” and not having any idea how it was supposed to play videogames. I mean, just look at it!


AHHH DON’T LOOK AT IT, IT’S DISGUSTING. (I guess I should’ve cleaned it first.)

At least it probably still works, right? I wonder what kinds of games can you get on a Sega Pico, anyway?


A whole bunch of edutainment, it turns out! Here, we learn how Mickey Mouse helped paint the Mona Lisa. (There’s also one about how he invented airplanes. I’m learning so much already.)

When you fold it out, the Sega Pico kind of looks like a giant DS—except that it doesn’t have any screens of its own (so, more like a 0S). Instead, it plugs into the TV, and you “draw” on a plastic tablet/touch screen thing to interact with it. It looks something like this (yes, there’s a Sonic game for it):

A few other games my system came with:


Here’s a fun fact about me, and where I’m at in my life: I now own two different copies of Richard Scary’s Busiest Day Ever, on two different systems: The Sega Pico, and the f***ing CD-i. Hey, I wonder if it ever came out for Virtual Boy…

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