Middle School Madness!


Can you believe they were just GIVING this away?! (and can you believe I didn’t get taken away by Chris Hanson when I grabbed it from the free table)

If anyone reading this ever listened to the Drama Queens podcast I did with GameCola before time began, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of this game—you travel around the board stealing kisses from boys, and also stealing boys from your friends. I’m serious; there’s actually a space for boyfriend theft. It’s everyone you ever hated in middle school, the board game.

Before I get too far I feel I should mention that all the scribbles on the box are after-market additions from the previous owner. The original “Sealed With a Kiss” board game does not come with the words “I LIKE BIG BUTTS” etched on one of the studs’ faces (as seen above).

Speaking of the studs—let’s get a look at these heaping hunks of meat!

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Cry of the Penguins


“When a womanizing biologist has the opportunity to study a colony of penguins in the Antarctic, he accepts with the intention of impressing a girl, and not for scientific purposes.”


This is from the same church sale as the Sega Pico—where they were letting you fill up a garbage bag with whatever you could fit in it, and pay two dollars for it.

This is the kind of crap I bring home when you give me options like that. …I can’t wait for date-night this week.

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The Computer That Thinks It’s a Toy!

I guess I own a Sega Pico now:

sega-pico-1(Fun fact: “I guess I own a Sega Pico now” was the word-for-word reaction of every kid who ever got one of these in the 90’s.)

The thing cost a dollar at a church sale—and was marked down to fifty cents. It looked so sad, just sitting there, hidden underneath a table, behind a bunch of empty boxes and some plastic bags and, uhm…oops, I hope I didn’t just steal this from someone…

I remember seeing the Sega Pico (sorry, it’s pronounced Pico) in stores and thinking “man, that is the weirdest looking thing” and not having any idea how it was supposed to play videogames. I mean, just look at it! Continue reading

The Best at What You Do



The best part is that (I guess?) it’s a fill-in-your-own accolade trophy/giant-lipped monster hybrid—and the person who gave it to the seller never filled in anything. Meaning that either the seller is so good at so many things that the friend just couldn’t settle on one…OR, that the seller is the World’s Greatest Nothing.

…I’d probably want to get rid of it, too.

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The Nightmare Before Halloween

I hear it every year (from the friends I’m entirely making up for the purposes of this post): “Ugh, store-bought Halloween costumes are just so darn expensive!”

Well GUESS WHAT: I have the perfect alternative for you. (No, it’s not “making the costumes yourselves”; that’s ridiculous and everyone will know.) Have you considered maybe yard sales? For a third of the price as Target you could dress as, for example…


Plug & Socket!!

Important note: Someone actually bought this, wore this, and thought someone else would want to do the same. It’s definitely not weird that the boy is the plug and the girl is the socket, and the plug and the socket are both at crotch-level. No, that’s totally cool.

Are you more of a solo act this year, though? Still haven’t found that special someone to dress as a plug with you? Maybe I can interest you in:

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