The Founding Brewers


Fun fact: As bad as that  is, it’s not even the creepiest vintage Abraham Lincoln mug we’ve featured on this site before.

Also seen in the back there is the rare “Thomas Jefferson coffee mug,” complete with “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” quote and apparently worth $300*?! WAIT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THE THING COST TWO DOLLARS AND I COULD’VE FLIPPED IT FOR THREE-HUNDO?!

brb, gotta go start knocking on some doors

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(*Actually, it looks like the one I found has red hair, not gray like the original Royal Doulton version. The Benjamin Franklin, too, has a blue kite sticking out of his ear, instead of a yellow kite floating next to him. I’m pretty sure these are generic knock-offs and I didn’t just pass on $1,200 worth of coffee mugs for $2 a pop.)

(At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.)



How’s your Monday going so far? Pretty good?

Like me, you might be tempted to write this off as just another medical torso (?) with a tiny little pee-pee (?!) at the end, and you’d be totally justified. But wait, what’s that on the torso’s torso? Let’s just zoom in a bit, and…


…oh, of course. IANAD, but I think maybe the tattooist went a little too deep. (But seriously, if you can explain why there’s a drawing of a Native American and some buffalo on this person’s spine, I’m all torsos ears.)