Attorney at LOL


I’m not going to make any Phoenix Wright puns, I’m not going to make any Phoenix Wright puns, I’m not—boy, this game looks like it’s Edge-worthy of a spot on anyone’s shelf; am I Wright, guys?!

I found “Jury Trial: The Sensational Courtroom Battle Board Game!” at one of my fine local thrift stores (you can tell it’s fancy when they keep the PS2 games locked inside a glass case), and it kind of looks amazing. I say “kind of,” only because this particular edition appeared to have been dunked in a dirty toilet.


Don’t be tempted to scroll past this dude’s case without reading it. FIGHT YOUR INSTINCT, if only for phrases like “sex and flesh work in advertising” and “their message is painted on my butt.”

…I’m already regretting not buying this game, toilet or no. Continue reading