Syracuse is (Still) Very Rude

Last time we checked in with the Syracuse…*looks at notes* I’m sorry, the oranges? And they’re making fun of other people’s teams?? Hey guys, maybe you should get that inferiority complex looked at; it seems like someone has a thin peel.

I kid; I kid. I love Syracuse. They hosted me at a gaming convention last fall; they have a wonderful state fair in the summer; and also they’re part of a complete balanced breakfast. Here’s a bunch more t-shirts that, let’s be honest, I probably would’ve bought too if I went there.

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Syracuse vs. The World

My sister-in-law went to Syracuse University, so I know a lot of things about the school, like 1) their mascot is a literal orange, named Otto and 2) that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Now I know a third thing: they’re also super, SUPER competitive, especially for a college WHOSE MASCOT IS A LITERAL ORANGE NAMED OTTO.*

For example, here’s a t-shirt promoting their sports game against South Florida:


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