More Videogame Crap!

And we’re back! The other day I wrote a little about a magical box of poop that turned out to have some videogames in it; today, I’ll be talking about: more of the poop! Dive in (to the poop) with me, won’t you?

Lands of Lore III plus strategy guide: Oh, poop.

Actually, wait; this one looks like an actual videogame! We’re off to a strong start! I’ve never heard of Lands of Lore III before, and whenever I try to read the description on the back of the box my eyes kind of glaze over, but Wikipedia helpfully tells me that it “is the third game in the Lands of Lore computer game series,” so…there’s that.

Plus, it comes with a free coupon for EarthLink’s Internet service! I hope it hasn’t been used up already. I think I might’ve actually used a free version EarthLink when I was a kid, back in my rebellious period. (My dad was an AOL guy, you see.)

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When we last left our blogger, he was mournful. (Actually, he was elated, due to a cultural phenomenon that he alone discovered, but before that—totes mournful.) He’d passed up on the find of a lifetime because he thought the $4 price tag was a touch too high. A price tag too high for happiness? Yeah, right. Dejected, he continued on through the sales, knowing deep down that anything he did from that point on would be meaningless.

That is, until the last yardsale, when he found these:

TWO BOXES OF GARBAGE! I mean, no—two whole boxes of videogames. For only $5.

That’s right. The day was saved!

…or, was it? Let’s take a look at what those five bucks bought him. First up:

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