“Please share this…thing…with the world!!”

– Smimming Rox (@asgardianmead61 on Twitter).

Consider it done.

P.S. My new computer game came out yesterday! It’s called Cat President: A More Purrfect Union, and it’s a romantic visual novel about a teen girl who accidentally becomes campaign manager for one of the six major Presidential candidates (and they’re all cats) (very handsome cats). It’s the feline-good game of the summer!!

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Extra Pieces

I’m sorry the last post was a little on the weird and morbid side, guys. To make up for it here’s a box of body parts I found:


This was from an estate sale (note: probably not the deceased’s actual severed limbs) for a woman who “was a real character,” according to the person running the sale. She had an entire room with nothing but body parts—skulls, severed limbs, and bloody organs spilling off the tables and shelves. It was probably just arranged that way for the sale, but I’d MUCH rather think that’s just how the house was, with this guy’s lone eyeball watching you as you sleep.

skull-with-rubber-nose“All told I’m not sure I would visit this B&B again.”

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How’s your Monday going so far? Pretty good?

Like me, you might be tempted to write this off as just another medical torso (?) with a tiny little pee-pee (?!) at the end, and you’d be totally justified. But wait, what’s that on the torso’s torso? Let’s just zoom in a bit, and…


…oh, of course. IANAD, but I think maybe the tattooist went a little too deep. (But seriously, if you can explain why there’s a drawing of a Native American and some buffalo on this person’s spine, I’m all torsos ears.)