I Made This For You


Alternate title: Signs that your kid’s pre-school teacher might’ve just given up. “Just throw some pine cones on it, whatever. It’s almost happy hour.” (This was ALSO from the awesome church sale, BTW.)

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Narnia Fever Dream

A number of weeks ago, I teased that I visited this one estate sale that deserved its own post—not only because it encompassed two separate buildings and had as many goods for sale as a typical Wal-Mart (and, let’s be honest, about the same quality)—but because including it as an aside in a post about golden toothbrushes and laxative-themed thermometers just wouldn’t do it justice.

This estate sale was a thing of wonder. Epic poems could be written about the journey one had to take to get from one end of it to the other—winding through alleyways of cardboard boxes, up and down creaking, crusty staircases with little pieces crumbling off with each step—I swear I even got lost at one point and had to ask for directions. It was by far the biggest sale I’ve ever been to in Connecticut, encompassing both a two-story home and a three-story barn.

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Giant Pine Cones!

Now you might be asking yourself, “why in the world would you purchase a pair of pine cones from a yard sale? What possible use could you have for those?” (And if you are asking yourself that question…hey Dad! I didn’t know you read my blog!)

Well, first of all, these aren’t just any pine cones…they’re THE BIGGEST PINE CONES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Just take a look at this size-compassion shot: Continue reading