Information Superhighway Surfboard


I found this artifact of late 90s e-kitsch in the Dollar Bargain, which—hooooooly crap, if you’re ever in north-central Ohio and you’re a very specific kind of weird, you have to check this place out. It’s like someone built a K-mart around the ancient burial grounds of a dozen long-dead dollar stores and decided to sell everything (including, like tilework and pieces of shelving) for 59 cents each. I spent four hours there.

There’s a great write-up on it over at Heather Loves Things, but the long and short of it is that the place looks like this: Continue reading

For My Bosom Friends

Well, I gave it my breast shot, but I wasn’t able to find too much at the yardsales this morning. I gotta say, it left me feeling a bit meloncholy, and for a while there I was teatering on the brink—like I was going to go all Twin Peaks on them, whipping out a pair of bazookas and just laying waste to all the boobs running today’s sales. (…Although, I guess if I had done that, it would’ve really caused some hootering and hollering.)

That said, the whole thing wasn’t a bust—I’m sure my mammary would be proud of this find:

50 cents for that mousepad? Man, what a racket. Continue reading