[NSFW] Nobody’s Happy: The Game

It’s BOARD GAME WEEK here at Yardsaling to Adventure!, that special time of year when we commemorate the fact that I saw a bunch of really strange board games at the thrift store this past Saturday (the same one with the questionable gumball machine).

First up:


It’s The Game of REAL Life! Yes, the game that does away with all that phony stuff from the actual Game of Life, like going to college, getting married and winning the lottery, and replaces it with things like doing blow, and watching your children die! Also instead of driving around in little plastic cars, all the game pieces are f***ing rocks.

You can tell this is gonna be a fun one, because it has a “you got aborted” space:


…And believe it or not that’s not even close to the worst one in the game. For example: Continue reading