Middle School Madness!


Can you believe they were just GIVING this away?! (and can you believe I didn’t get taken away by Chris Hanson when I grabbed it from the free table)

If anyone reading this ever listened to the Drama Queens podcast I did with GameCola before time began, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of this game—you travel around the board stealing kisses from boys, and also stealing boys from your friends. I’m serious; there’s actually a space for boyfriend theft. It’s everyone you ever hated in middle school, the board game.

Before I get too far I feel I should mention that all the scribbles on the box are after-market additions from the previous owner. The original “Sealed With a Kiss” board game does not come with the words “I LIKE BIG BUTTS” etched on one of the studs’ faces (as seen above).

Speaking of the studs—let’s get a look at these heaping hunks of meat!

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Smooch’em Santa!!


Pick your own joke for this one!

Option 1: “I wouldn’t climb on THIS Santa’s lap!”

Option 2: “Whatever you do, don’t unwrap his present.”

Option 3: “Or go see his North Pole.”

Option 4: “Or trim his tree.”

Option 5: “Or drink his eggnog.” (Wait, what?)

Option 6: …Basically any line from “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” will do it.

(But seriously, why is there so much creepy Christmas stuff out there?!)

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