I Made This For You


Alternate title: Signs that your kid’s pre-school teacher might’ve just given up. “Just throw some pine cones on it, whatever. It’s almost happy hour.” (This was ALSO from the awesome church sale, BTW.)

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The Towers


This one may take some explaining.

…which is really unfortunate, because I don’t know any more about it than you do. I found it at a thrift store; it’s a blank book, meant for your kid to fill in their own story and illustrations. This kid didn’t get too far though—all they had were the cover art and title. (Which, granted, is all most indie game developers have before they start, say, printing up t-shirts. I’m assuming the book only wound up here because their Kickstarter failed.)

And with that, we’re on break, as YtA headquarters packs our bags and moves from Connecticut to sunny Ohio! (Which is home to this store, and I’ve never been more excited about anything, not even my own wedding.) See you in a few weeks!

yessss, i made it through the whole post without mentioning how it looks like this kid was making a story about a princess saving 9/11 and whoops now everything is sad