Boy Scout-Opoly!

I had one of these when I was a kid—a “make your own Monopoly” kit (totally unlicensed, I’m sure) that allowed anyone with a home computer and printer to commit IP fraud make their very own, personalized Monopoly set! I don’t remember what I did with it, but if my fifth-grade-era custom game of Clue is any indicator, you were collecting $200 Paul-bucks when passing Nintendo and taking a ride on the McDonald’s Railroad.

These kids made one based on their Boy Scout troop, and ultimately (and sadly), the game found its way to Goodwill. Let’s dive in!

Here’s the board. (You can click here to zoom in if you’d like, and see the whole thing). Notable design choices include swapping out the streets of Atlantic City with locales like “the church b-ball court” and “Jeff’s coke” (ominously not capitalized) and replacing jail with a toilet, referred to as “the duker.”

The in-game currency has been replaced with “Boy scout Bucks,”—which were apparently never cut apart after they came out of the printer. Does that mean nobody ever played the game? Awww…

By far the best part of the game though is the “Bonehead” and “Prosperity” cards that replaced Chance and Community Chest:

F***ing Jeff, am I right?

Unsurprisingly, there’s an actual, legit Boy Scouts of America Monopoly out there, but that’s clearly not what these kids were going for; they were making a game based on their own camp and their own experiences. What a neat project. Also f*** Jeff for real though, seriously.

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