Cup o’ Fido

“This human belongs to a bagel hound,” it says.

In case you’re like me and this photo made you go “wait, what the hell is a bagel hound?? and also can I eat it????”, it’s actually this:

Photo from

1-2-3 awwwwwwwwwww.

They’re a cross between “basset hounds” and bagels  beagles, inheriting the best characteristics of both, like “droopy ears” and “is prone to epilepsy.” There’s also a t-shirt you can buy, in case the mug isn’t enough! Also this bagel hound-themed party invitation(??). RT if you would go to that party.

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(Don’t) Hang in There

Never, ever skip the posters & artwork section of the thrift store. Why? Well, for one, just this past weekend I found a framed print celebrating bagels. Just, like…bagels. The food. It lives with me in its forever home now.


But also, a couple of weeks ago, while pawing through all these high-school art projects that someone’s gonna be really mad Mom and Dad threw away, I came across a series of (de)motivational posters, suitable for the Cool Boss™: Continue reading