Fat and Poor

There were two things I picked up at this week’s sales:

1) An audio book that was, conveniently, the next book in a series I’d been listening to during long car rides (I’d say which series, but it’d make me look even more like a middle-aged woman than starting a yardsale blog already has), and

2) A decreased sense of self-worth.

More on that in the paragraphs to come. First, here are some nice creeper shots of the stuff I couldn’t bring myself to purchase. For example:

A spoon fashioned to look like the skyline of Pittsburgh, PA! Hey, why not? I’d probably have bought it if I had any knowledge of Pittsburgh other than that I’m supposed to hate their sports teams, since I’m originally from the Philadelphia area. GO WHATEVER OUR BASKETBALL TEAM IS!!

True story: I found this spoon at the same yardsale that I practically stole a PS3 controller from a couple of weeks ago. While browsing this week’s goods—just to be on the safe side—I took the time to plot out exactly how I should try to disguise my voice in case I had to ask for a price, to make sure no one would recognize me.

Later that morning, I came across: Continue reading