Soap on a Nope

We’re back! (Don’t say “A Dinosaur’s Story”, for once just don’t say “A Dinosaur’s Story”, nobody even knows what you’re talking about when you say it, it’s stupid and it’s not funny and it’s) A DINOSAUR’S STORY!! Oh man, what a great reference to a great film that everyone definitely remembers. I should probably watch it some time.

Anyway, here’s some nasty old soap someone tried to sell at the thrift store.

The football helmet is in remarkably good shape, considering that it’s (according to this eBay auction) FORTY-FIVE EARTH YEARS OLD. This soap has been around since before a lot of you were born. This soap is TEN YEARS OLDER THAN THE ORIGINAL NINTENDO. This soap’s old enough that it remembers when Donald Trump was just a racist failing businessman (well, I guess some things never change).

I guess in their defense, it’s…collectible…soap? They still had the boxes, even. And anyway, who am I to poke fun; I used to collect the tops of Kool Bursts and pretend they were rocket ships.

Welcome to the 2018 yardsale season, everyone! May your items be reasonably priced, your sellers be reasonably reasonable, and your soap be from, like, the supermarket or whatever. Please don’t buy used soap.

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