Olympic Time


BUM! BUM! BA-DUM DUM DUM DUM! If you’ve been able to flip away from the non-stop, 24-hour coverage of Presidential Candidates Say the Darndest Things, you might’ve seen some network coverage of the Olympic games! You know, like swimming! And running! And, uhh, the rest. (…And horse dancing.)

To celebrate, here’s an Olympic-themed thing I found earlier in the year, and never got around to sharing.

Is this…is it anything? I can’t tell if this is a rare tchotchke given to an Olympic athlete that definitely doesn’t belong at a yard sale (after all, it says “Presented to our United States and Olympic Champions”), or if it’s just a tchotchke, period. I didn’t ask, because my mom wasn’t there to do it for me, so we may never know.

(BTW, if there was a gold medal for “singing along with the Olympics theme song whenever it’s on TV,” I’d be on a damn podium right now.)

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