VH-YES: More Dinosaurs!


“It’s More Dinosaurs than any other dinosaur program! It’s More Dinosaurs than ever before in one place! It’s More Dinosaurs than you can imagine! That’s why we call it…More Dinosaurs!!!”

Lizo used to borrow these tapes from the library all the time; they’re sort of like if Beakman’s World was less bad and was about dinosaurs. Cool, weirdo kids’ shows, with wacky hosts using puns (so many puns) to explain why dinosaurs are the best. There’s a whole bunch of them, like “Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs”, “More Dinosaurs”, and “Seriously, How Many F***ing Dinosaurs Are There Anyway?”.

This one wasn’t on YouTube yet, so here you go!

[edit: This video has been taken down, at the request of the copyright-holder. Sorry guys!]

Unfortunately, this isn’t my wife’s FAVORITE of the dinosaur tapes. That honor goes to the one called (I believe) “WOULD YOU STOP IT WITH THE DINOSAURS ALREADY”, where the main dude, in one of the all-time classic movie scenes, clutches at his face and shouts, “I’m turning into a dinosaur!” We quote it all the time, even when we’re not turning into dinosaurs.

(I’m sorry for the stuttery quality of the video, BTW. I downloaded like a dozen different capture programs trying to get this to work, and was halfway to just recording my TV with my phone. The only program that actually worked was an older version of Windows Movie Maker, and this is what it spat out. I SPENT A DAY ON RECORDING DINOSAUR VHS TAPES; I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE.)

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