Howliday Favorites in Dog!

I know I said I was on break, but this was too good festive musical? whatever I can’t even with this to pass up.

It’s that Wonderful Time of Year™ again when enormous blow-up snowmen invade people’s lawns, Holiday in Handcuffs is finally on TV again and I have flashbacks to that one time my programming teacher left barking jingle bells play on loop and just left the room for 50 goddamn minutes. Today, I’m here to share that experience with you.

I picked up “Howliday Favorites in Dog!” (underlining theirs) (but sassy replication all mine) at Dollar Bargain, the literally dead horse that I’ve been beating for over a year now. (I have to mention it whenever I picked up something at Dollar Bargain, because it’s the only way I’ll get enough SEO points to be the Internet’s leading resource on Dollar Bargain Dollar Bargain Dollar Bargain.)

It’s an entire album of dogs barking out holiday classics with festive pun-filled names, from the obvious “Santa Claws,” to the I-guess-that’s-clever “Fetch All Ye Faithful,” to “Odoriferous Joy,” which took me a very long time to figure out was a reference to that holiday classic (?) Ode to Joy. The joke being that dogs…(wait for it) are smelly. (Hi, I’m Paul Franzen, joke-explainer.)

Anyway here’s all fourteen songs from the album. I’m sorry in advance for ruining your holiday party.

BARK HUMBUG!! (Man, I think I missed my calling. Or should that be…………….howling.)

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3 thoughts on “Howliday Favorites in Dog!

    • It DID! It was Mr. MacWright, if you remember him/had him for anything. He had us gather around one of the computers in the lab so he could show us this neat video he found, let it play, and then…made some kind of excuse to leave. We were all too terrified to do anything about it, but man is it hard to focus on Q-BASIC with that playing nonstop in the background.

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