Mr. Dillon’s Slanty Shanty!


Pretty much the only thing on the Internet about Mr. Dillon’s Fabulous Slanty Shantybesides the blog post you’re reading nowis this diary entry (?) on FamilySearch from 1977 which says:

“You can laugh yourself silly there.”

That’s it. The entirety of human knowledge at our disposal, and that’s the best we’ve got. (That, and a comment on the current property-owner’s Facebook page that says “WISH YOU STILL HAD THE SLANTY SHANTY.”) Internet, you have failed this city. (I don’t actually know what that’s a reference to; don’t tell anyone.)

Thankfully, the spirit of Mr. Dillon’s Slanty Slanty lives on in NorCal’s own CONFUSION HILL (pronounced in all-caps like that). I took my parents there a few weeks ago when they flew in from New Jersey because I’m literally the worst son; here’s my dad wearing his completely sincere “I’m having fun” face while experiencing the weird gravity.

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6 thoughts on “Mr. Dillon’s Slanty Shanty!

  1. Lindsay says:

    This was perfect to read this morning because I just finished listening to the episode of Oh No Ross and Carrie! That Justin & Sydnee McElroy posted about going to visit the “Mystery Hole” in West Virginia. Basically the same idea. I’m guessing you may have already heard it since you’re a fan of MBMBaM, but just in case. PUT IT IN THE QUEUE.

    • Listening to that episode was SUPER-WEIRD, because they could’ve easily been talking about Confusion Hill. Same weirdly tilted house; same chair that you can’t get out of; water going up-hill; golf balls; everything. It’s like these places are copy-and-pasted clones, on opposite ends of the country.

      (Except that it sounded like you couldn’t tell that Mystery Hole is slanted from the outside; Confusion Hill, it’s super, super obvious. Either they were really bad at masking it or they didn’t even try, but it sort of spoiled the illusion before you even got inside.)

  2. Sue says:

    Not sure if anyone will see this post since the last entry was in 2015. But I have a picture of the slanty shanty that I took about 50 years ago. How can I post it here?

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