Sit and Be Quiet

Here’s a game that’s the complete opposite of The Game of Real Life:


Instead of the fun(?) of simulated date rape (I’m sorry; it’s LITERALLY IN THE GAME I’M SORRY), here we have a game about learning to communicate with one another. I’ll let this reviewer from Amazon dot com explain it:


Finally!, a board game where you sit quietly and do nothing. I was getting tired of staring at this wall.

In The Ungame, you roll around the board and answer uncomfortable questions like:


(One of my favorites isn’t listed here: “SHARE A CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE WITH DEATH.” Can we please just play Monopoly mom, please!!)

…And that’s it! You move around in a circle on the game-board for a predetermined amount of time (the recommended play session is “30 minutes, or until everyone is so bored they’re begging to go do homework,” and then it’s over, with no winners or losers. Amazon liked that part, too:

amazon-reviewI’d make a joke about how it’s essentially Therapy: The Game, but we’ve seen literally that already. (Although I’d suppose having to share secrets about childhood experiences with death might be just the thing to push you INTO therapy. Maybe this game’s just the prequel.)

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