VH-YES: Couch


Picked up at a thrift store in New Jersey a looooong time ago, like we’re talking high school. (For reference, it was my birthday a couple weeks ago, and I turned 400.)

couch-vhs-back-coverMy friend and I used to watch this every time we hung outto the point where, years later, I was still carrying it around in the trunk of my car, just in case. It’s a weird, sweet little indie film about the life cycle of a couch, from store to living room to curb, back to a new living roomthe people it’s touched (and the people who’ve touched it). …Which of course appeals to the yardsaler in me. Half the things I own used to belong to someone else and had their own life stories and people who loved them and used them for a million different things before I found them on the quarter table; and as long as I take good care of them they’ll probably find still more people to love them in the future.

Anyway, here’s the whole thing, because I don’t think there’s anywhere else you can watch this (you can’t even BUY the tape online anywhere, let alone find it elsewhere on YouTube).

To this day I haven’t been able to find anything about this film or the group that made it, “Couch Productions”, anywhere on the Internet. (The website on the back of the box doesn’t exist anymore.) If you’re out there somewhere, get in touch!

[Edit: Amazingly, it looks like the producer of Couch might’ve later worked on a short film called Beanbag, about (so far as I can tell) a young couple terrorized by a haunted beanbag chair. Also something called Harry Potter. I guess that one’s probably a bigger deal.]

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