…Okay, this one’s probably going to be a lot less exciting to everyone than previous boxed lots. But hey, it’s still technically a box of games! Or at least, some of it’s games; the rest is old reference materials; old system programs; and old, totally unusable adult software. (…Sorry, I probably should’ve said “grown-up” software there. Boring software? Whatever. Now I own three copies of Quicken Deluxe ’98.)

But man, what a value! It’s hard to believe they were just giving away the whole box for free, isn’t it?!

(They actually had two boxes, but some punk kid heard me asking about them and then grabbed the other one. I HOPE IT WAS FULL OF GARBAGE.)

Let’s dive in! First up:


A pile of garbage. Well, okay, yeah, I had that coming. How about…


An iMac Starter Pack! …With stickers! Seriously? This is the stuff I thought was interesting enough to highlight? (Actually, some of those stickers are pretty [slang] (edit that with cool-kid slang later).


24 copies of Hyperstudio: Software for a Mediacentric World! (Some of which seem a little more legitimate than others.)  I smell a new contest coming up!

This whole box was definitely smuggled out of a 1995 middle school, by the way. Not only are there a ton of copies of everything, but there’s also this licensing agreement…


…between the school and the manufacturer of some of the software, complete with a dozen copies of Earth: A Field Guide to the Earth. Note that it cost between $80 and $140 to outfit a small computer lab with this game. This one game. And it’s not even an A-lister like Word Munchers.


How about this vintage Mac reference bundle! There’s a whole bunch of CD-ROMs in here, everything from The Times Almanac 1995 to Humboldt Internet, to my personal favorite: a burned disc of Star Wars: Pit Droids, which I’m not sure by any stretch of the imagination is a reference disc. It does make me wanna buy a Mac though, just to see if I can get any of these to work. (…Did I mention I don’t actually own a Mac?)

IMG_9201 (Medium)

A California screensaver! I actually do have a computer that could run thisthe software is Windows 95-friendly, and last year my parents-in-law just so happened to give me a vintage Gateway 2000 for Christmas because they get me. But I’m not sure “random pictures of California” beats out “a dog eating your computer“; sorry, company that’s definitely out of business by now.


GAMES. FINALLY. YES. Some of them even work on Windows, too!! Note the thrift store staples like Amazon Trail, Dr. Brain, and The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (you can’t throw a stone in Goodwill without hitting twelve Zoombinis), but there’s also TUNELAND! Starring Howie Mandel! I have no idea what that is but I understand now that I’ve always needed it.


Seven copies of Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego! And a cheapo case to hold all of them.


Hahaha, what in the world is this?! YES.




NO, NO! No more copies of Earth: A Field Guide to the Earth!! I already have enough to wallpaper my house!


Whoa! So this is a thingan educators-only bundle of old games including Eagle Eye Mysteries, and Video Jam! This is Video Jam. I must play Video Jam.

I can’t find much about this set online, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s a screener they sent to schools to try to get them to buy the individual games. Or maybe it has teaching materials to help educators use the games in the classroom? Either way, it’s still in the shrink-wrap, so I’m thinking it didn’t work out for somebody.

One of the weird/fun (I guess?) parts of buying boxed lots like this is uncovering the stuff the owner probably didn’t realize was even in there. For example, one time I found an old wallet and a movie about death in a box of videogames. More recently I found grody tweezers in with some Magic cards. This time I ended up with…


A pair of cookbooks! One of which Lizo actually just copied a recipe out of and I guess we’ll be eating it now. (All of our stuff is still in a moving van locatedaccording to the moving company“somewhere in the United States,” so these are the first cookbooks we’ve seen in weeks. We’ve gotten real real good at not having chairs, though.)

And that’s about it! I guess my only question now is: Why did the original owner decide to get rid of all this basically garbage cool stuff? One final item from the box may reveal the answer:


(Windows ’98 was my idea, you know.)

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