You better believe I was driving up and down the street like one of the Wet Bandits waiting for this yard sale to start right there when it opened!

I used to be SUPER super into Magic: the Gathering for like a week in high school, then a couple months in college, to the point where I actually entered tournaments, and even one timethis is completely truecame in second to last, rather than just dead last. (…But only because my opponent and I agreed ahead of time to call it a draw, so we would both win booster packs. We then played a game “for fun” and he wiped the floor with me.)

For years afterwards I had dreams of finding a giant box of cards for sale at a yard sale, and I did, from time to timebut they were always, like, $40. $50. Some totally reasonable price that I definitely didn’t want to pay.



I mean, yeah, they’re mostly commonswhich is Magic speak for “sh*ty coasters”but I’m hopeful I’ll find at least a couple cards to augment my elf and wall decks as I dig through the box. (I already found a dime and a pair of tweezers in there, so I’m feeling prettttty good about this.)

What will I do with the rest? Oh man hmmm, I dunno…

making-it-rain-magic-cardsMaking it raaaiiiiiiiin!!



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