Par for the Death!

murder-of-course“Take a swing at solving the crime!” challenges the back of the box.

Has anyone ever played one of these things? I keep finding them at yard sales, and while they break one of the Cardinal Rules“Never Buy a Used Puzzle (Because No F***ing Way Does it Have All the Pieces”)1I gotta say I’d like to take a SWING at that. (“SWING”?? Right?? Because GOLF?!)

I mean, a “mystery jigsaw thriller”? I can’t wrap my brain around what any of those words mean in that combination, but MAN it sounds like something I’d be into.

1. Other Cardinal Rules include “If You Have to Ask, it Costs Too Much” and “Make Sure Before You Stop it’s Not Just Someone Doing Laundry.”2

2. This has actually happened to me and my mom before.3

3. We also almost stopped at someone’s wedding.

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