VH-YES: Beanie Lover Video

Welcome, yard sale adventurers, to My New Favorite Thing!: finding weirdo VHS tapes at yard sales/thrift shops/dollar stores that haven’t been uploaded to YouTube yet, and making them available for the whole world to enjoy. (…Until I’m carted away by the Internet Police, anyway.)



You remember Beanie Babies, right? If you weren’t yet sentient when Beanies were a thing, they were basically trendy, collectible toys that sucked us OTHER KIDS dry of their lunch money. Kind of like Amiibos today, except you couldn’t even play videogames with them; the big thing they did was depreciate.

showing-off-beanie-babiesStinky the Spider has gone down $3 in value since you started reading this sentence.

You’re gonna love this; trust me. We’ve got 70+ minutes of total mid-90s cheese, including:

  • The history of Beanie Babies!
  • People showing off their Beanie Baby collections! (SO MANY BEANIES.)
  • Clothes you can get…for your Beanie Babies!
  • Tips on proper etiquette for BEANIECON! (omg)
  • Why Beanie Babies are good for the economy!
  • Something the back of the box calls “Tag Generations Seminar” that you can’t make me watch.
  • This guy:


  • Seriously, this frickin’ guy:


  • And an in-memoriam sequence for retired Beanie Babies.

Lest you think I’m poking fun—I’m all-in on this Beanie Baby thing. I’m even married to a recovering Beanie fan. My wife (who has actually been to BeanieCon) came into the recording studio when I was transferring the tape to my computer and immediately started identifying the dolls on-screen. “Oh, that’s Psyduck! That’s Burpy the Owl!”(I wasn’t taking careful notes.) “I could just give you the whole thing,” she said. “You don’t even need the tape.”

For those of you who don’t have my wife, here’s the full, uncut, uncensored Beanie Lovers Video:

59 cents from the Bargain Dollar well spent.


(Sorry for the stutters in video quality, by the way. Next time I get a new computer, I’ll make sure re-recording the Beanie Baby tape is a top priority.)

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