If, like me, you were a bit put off when you saw the phrase “Civil Wargasm”… Well, putting it in context doesn’t make it much better.

I decided to research this one before talking about it on the Internet, so I wouldn’t get burned again like the time I made fun of a painting of Abraham Lincoln made out of lady butts, and it turned out to be by Salvador Dali. (I’ve since deleted the original post in shame.)

Here’s a choice quote from the blog Eight Days to Amish about the phrase:

…Like so many others I’ve read “Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War,” the terrific 1998 Tony Horwitz book about hardcore Civil War re-enactors.
How hardcore? They soak their uniform buttons in their own urine so the acids will bestow them with the proper hue. The pain, deprivation and hardship they self-inflict is welcomed as just another step on the path to authenticity.
Horwitz says they call it a “Civil Wargasm.”
Well, at least now you know it isn’t anything weird.

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