Whittle the Nibs to Your Taste

This “Duties of the Floor Nurse” list from 1897 was making waves on the Information Superhighway a few years ago, so apologies if you’ve seen it before; but if you haven’t, DID YOU KNOW

– That nurses (in addition to nursing) were responsible for mopping the floors and dusting the windowsills?

– That nurses had to bring in scuttles of coal when it was cold out?

– That nurses in good standing could be given an evening off each week, but only “if they attend church regularly”?

– That nurses who smoke, drink, visit the beauty salon or frequent dance halls will “give the Director…good reason to suspect [their] worth and integrity?”

Man. And I thought work-from-home yard sale bloggers had it rough. (I have never thought that.)

There’s a lot of weird stuff like that in the list; you can see a bigger, easier-to-read version here. (You can also see the full text at the link above.)

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