Don’t Tell Me if I Do

Welcome to the 2015 yard sale season! If you’re new to the blog, I like to share the creepy, weird, awesome and hilarious things I tend to find while I’m digging through people’s (often literal) garbage at yard sales and thrift stores.

Why? Partly to justify spending all my Saturdays doing this instead of staying in bed with a big bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons (or at least whatever passes for that when you’re an adultmaybe kale and NPR?), and partly because I can’t stop laughing when I find stuff like:


(Note the markup on the price stickeroriginally mispriced at $1.99, and then bumped up to $2. I bet someone got fired over that goof.)

At the same thrift store, they were also selling a board game that teaches you how to make friends—which sounds depressing enough by itself, until you start to think about the lonely kid playing it at home on a Friday night because it hasn’t worked yet. “Roll a D6 to learn what hugs feel like.” “Okay, Mom.”

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