Santa Busts Loose!


“Santa’s Drawers Are Coming Down”! “I’ll Change Pants For Christmas”! Man, just the perfect holiday tunes to get anyone in the mood for shaking their head and rolling their eyes and wishing for the holidays to end already.

I’m sad to say I can’t embed YouTube videos for any of the songs though, because this is actually gum.

digital-gum(If you look above, it even lists the nutritional information for “digital gum”.)

I mean like, literally—it’s someone’s empty gum wrapper. Which they donated to Goodwill. And now Goodwill is selling for $2.


…Okay okay, I know it was super-disappointing that you didn’t get to hear “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Boxers.” Here’s a bonus holiday-themed yardsale find!


AUUUUGH! JEEZ!! Can’t I just go back to posting weird Space Jam songs??

Ah well. Happy holidays, everyone! That’s all for us until next spring, so: See you in the future!

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