The One Thing You Can Count On


Many things in your life are going to disappoint you. Your favorite baseball team never winning the Sports Cup. Your otherwise cool aunt, whenever someone says the word “Obama” on Facebook. But you know the one thing that’ll never let you down?

Advertising. F***ing advertising, of course. It’ll permeate every part of your life until you can’t even heat up last night’s leftovers without the f***ing plate advertising ADVERTISING ITSELF AT YOU.

…Oh hey, speaking of which!!

Science says that at least 80% of you are thinking about starting your Christmas shopping now, even though it’s early November and that makes you a crazy person. If you’re gonna buy gifts online though, why not do it from my Amazon affiliate link? It doesn’t cost you anything; just click the link, buy your stuff, and Amazon sends me a cut of the revenue, which I can then put back into the website.

Just click the linkCLICK IT. CLICK THE LINK.

Wanna help “Yardsaling to Adventure!” grow? Do your Amazon shopping through our affiliate link! …Oh wait, I said that already.

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