Music Buttons!


We had one of these little doots sitting in a drawer in the kitchen when I was a kid. It was one of those things that just always existed without any explanation, like an older brother or sister. It’s only obvious purpose was to annoy people, so of course I was totally into it. (I also owned an Insultinator. I was that kid.)

When you press one of these buttons, it plays a little song, in the most ear-piercing, horrible tones known to the human ear. It sounds like an Atari game trying to connect on a dial-up modem. Not to mention that the one we had (and, incidentally, one of the ones above) actually played—of all songs known in the history of mankind—“It’s a Small World, After All”.  Owning this thing is practically a war crime.

So! I thought it’d be fun to do this. Make sure your volume is turned all the way up!!

(I hope you didn’t really turn your volume all the way up.)

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