Letter Tape: Talking Mail!


Are you tired of writing letters with a pencil and some paper? Like a friggin’ caveman?! If only there was some way you could just TALK at your mail and MAKE WORDS HAPPEN!



LETTER TAPE! ***TALKING MAIL*** Just hit “record” on your tape recorder, talk a bunch of words, and no one will ever have to know how bad your grammars are! (Kids, get your parents’ assistance if you can’t figure out what a “tape recorder” is.)


…okay but seriously, if you got a cassette tape in the mail with a message on it from literally anyone, you know you’d lose your mind. (And then quickly get very sad when you realize you threw out all your cassette players in 1996 and you’ll never hear the awesome secret message.)

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2 thoughts on “Letter Tape: Talking Mail!

  1. You caught me, we got rid of our cassette player a couple of months ago. But I am one of the youths of our generation who actually knows what they are, so I have that.

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