FINALLY, you can bring the fun of destroying our planet and all of its natural resources until we have to power our cars by foot like in the Flintstones home to Family Game Night™!

I didn’t buy this one, so there’s no in-depth look at all the cool stuff that comes with the game. But I did want to highlight this one passage I saw on the back of the box. I mean—how often do you see a board game that comes with its own origin story?


I know that’s hard to read, so here, in its entirety—for the first time EVER on the Internet—is:


Oil Power!™ For Dick and Bev Anthony and their four children, it’s a dream finally becoming a reality!

The game is unique and so is the story of how it came to be. It’s the tale of a family playing together and working together.

After a hard day’s fishing on a lake in the Canadian wilderness, the Anthony family clustered in the kitchen of their cozy cabin.

As the day’s catch sizzled in the big iron skillet, young Betsy piped, “I don’t have anything to do!”

“Yeah,” answered big brother Tom. “Kinda nice, isn’t it?”

“No T.V., no telephone…” sister Suzy wailed.

“Hey, I’ve got it!” said Julie, the eldest. “Why don’t we do something really different? Why don’t we figure out a game to play?”

“Hey, that sounds neat!” said Dad. “As a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking…wouldn’t it be fun to play a game where you could own oil wells?

Blogger’s note: WAIT, WHAT.

Somehow, maybe, we could even rig up a derrick and actually drill for oil…”

Blogger’s note: Dad’s been thinking about this one for a while.

With supper dishes cleared away and scratch paper at hand, they embarked on a family adventure which ultimately became Oil Power.™

They worked out a rough form of the game while on that Canadian vacation, and they played it in the evenings. The more they played, the more their excitement increased. “This game really is fun to play,” they realized. “If we’re enjoying it this much, maybe other people will, too!”

In the time that followed, the family played “the game” often, and they solved problems by trial and error. The more they played, the more Dad’s idea took shape. Tom drew some sketches and roughed out a playing board. Dick, Bev, and each of the children contributed ideas for the game, and bit by bit they worked out details. Dad experimented with various prototypes and eventually invented the drilling derrick that actually works to find the oil pools mysteriously hidden in different places each game.

Friends encouraged them and gave counsel regarding the tough, highly competitive business of having fun.

Blogger’s note:

With the confidence of people who are kids and kids at heart, they formed a company and named it Antfamco, Inc. (for Anthony Family, Company, naturally).

Their message to you is this: “We are thrilled to see our prayers being answered and our dreams coming true. We hope Oil Power.™ will provide your family with as many hours of fun and challenge as it has ours!

Blogger’s note: Oh, I can’t make fun. This is the most adorable thing.

Two more fun facts to grow on:

  1. There are at least 36 different board games about drilling for oil because I guess of course there is.
  2. Speaking of origin stories, Monopoly’s origin story (you know Monopoly, right?) is that it was made “to illustrate the economic consequences of Ricardo’s Law of Economic rent and the Georgist concept of a single tax on land value.” Put that one in your pocket for dinner parties!

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