A Bouquet of Black Roses and Spiders!


This was from a yardsale that appeared to be the entire contents of a Spirit Halloween store—except that they were selling everything for like, a dollar. Spooky holiday lights? A dollar. Masks so terrifying that I heard a little kid whispering “I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here…”? A dollar. The bouquet above?

TEN CENTS. TEN FRIGGIN’ CENTS. Skeletons the size of ME cost $5, and that was seriously the most expensive thing they had.  As someone who unironically lists “decorating for the holidays” as an interest on Facebook, I was SO into it.

A few other choice finds:


A jaunty pirate skeleton! “Avast me hearties, and could ye please pass t’ Doritos.”


Veiny eyeball salt-and-pepper shakers!!

Lizo (my wife): “We’re not actually going to use those, right?”

I’m more into “fun” Halloween than “makes you throw up” Halloween, so I had to leave the next two things behind; but they were totally worth sharing:


Human liver frozen dinner! (The nutritional information says that you’ll get 28% of your daily bile.)



An, uhm…severed head in a cake pan? I don’t know what’s going on here, but I think it’s hilarious they decided to hide it in with all the little kid toys.

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