Torrid Twisters!

So, this happened:



What’s up with all the people selling ancient adult materials at yardsales, anyway? Is this the new Snuggie? The new foot bath that “we swear we only used once”? Why is this a trend; this is the worst trend.

Let’s take a closer look at it (YOU’RE WELCOME):


I’m sorry—”Frisky Feathers”???


“Wiggle Mad”?! “Hipsy Dipsy”?! The original owner must’ve been so happy when the Internet happened and he didn’t have to ask for things like “Hipsy Dipsy” at the…record…parlor(?) anymore.

I probably should’ve bought it and uploaded it to YouTube for posterity (posterior-ity), but part of me is worried that, since this thing DOES NOT EXIST ON GOOGLE, that it’s not actually a commercial release, but someone’s personal, *ahem*, “holiday film.”  …In which case, hey, maybe don’t sell that at a yardsale.

Update!: An astute reader (who wishes to go unnamed, weird) found clips from Torrid Twisters on a DVD of “American nudies” from the 30s through the 60s. Check it out!

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