Several weeks ago, I started a contest to get rid of these stupid stickers I got give back to the Yardsaling to Adventure! community. I gave away positively ancient “Handle With Care” adhesives to anyone who would 1) like my Facebook page, and 2) ask for them.

Many asked for the stickers, but only one followed through and showed me what she did with them afterwards. Thankfully, this one lone hero—my friend Shannon, of “Pear of Sheep” fame—made up for it by putting the sticker on everything.

This includes…

Star Trek communicator panel…

A djembe drum…

McPedro from Girls With Slingshots


A comically enormous stop sign…

Dr. Wily from Mega Man

Zero from Mega Man…

A dangerous weapon…

Her wedding bouquet…

And finally, the one thing I hope above all else she handles with care…

Her husband, Nathaniel.

Thanks, Shannon! Between this and the aforementioned masterpiece, I think you’ve just made the first ballot for the Yardsaling to Adventure! Hall of Fame. Let me know if you want that Baby Benjamin Franklin prize!

5 thoughts on “Handled

  1. Flashman85 says:

    Hah! That stop sign is comically enormous, now that you mention it.

    There was one more picture we were thinking about taking, but never got around to–pasting the sticker to my steering wheel and holding my thumb over the E at the end so it read, “Handle With Car.” But I think these are great.

  2. Chrissy Horvath says:

    Every one of those is wonderful! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t found a single thing to put that sticker on. Not one. Well, I can think of some military-type stuff but then I’d be posting from prison (or not since I wouldn’t have my iPhone). I’m inspired now. 🙂

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