Want A Free “Handle With Care” Sticker?

Okay, so I have about 30 of these “Handle With Care” stickers from yesterday’s yardsale, and I’m afraid that, if I keep them all, I WILL die, because I will inevitably want to lick them all and stick them to everything in my apartment, including both of my bunny rabbits and my wife.

There’s only one way out of this that I can see,* and that is: the first-ever Yardsaling to Adventure giveaway! Yes, I’m giving away these absolutely ancient “Handle With Care” adhesives! For free! To anyone who wants them!

All you have to do get one is:

1) Like our brand-new Facebook page!
2) E-mail me your mailing address!
3) Promise you’ll stick the adhesive to something cool! and
4) Send me a picture of the cool thing you stuck it to.

After a bit I’ll post everyone’s pictures—and then maybe even give an additional prize to the best one. Baby Benjamin Franklin, anyone?

Send me your addresses now! It’s the only way to save my life.

* Actually this was my cousin Christina’s idea.

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