Awww Yeah, it’s a Tag Sale!

Now THAT’s how you advertise your sale.

Despite going to over a dozen yardsales this Saturday, I didn’t end up with all that much loot. My actual purchases included:

I’m actually kind of in love with the car. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season (to this day, mind) is piling into the car to hunt down a Christmas tree—not in a lot, because my wife and I aren’t weenies, but in an actual farm—and then chopping it down myself with a friggin’ AXE, just like my forefathers used to do it.
That’s not the best part, though; the best part is drinking free hot cocoa while someone else spends the next twenty minutes struggling to tie the thing to the roof-rack.

I also saw a lot of weird crap at the sales this week, and since I’m getting bolder about snapping pictures with my cellphone, I’ve got a bunch to show you! First up:

Space Jam earrings! It’s hard to see in the photo, but they’re little dangley earnings, each with a picture of Lola Bunny framed within a heart. Man, how would you like to have been the kid rocking Space Jam earrings in middle school?

Creepy dog pillow! Maybe it’s the angle of the shot, but the look in that dog’s eyes tells me that he’s just given up on life. I guess I’d be depressed too if my owners put me on the 25 cent table.

Midget lights! Wait, I didn’t realize they needed their own lights…

These two chairs were spaced at opposite ends of the sale—I like to think that Grandpop and Grammy were embroiled in a years-long feud over who was, truly, the #1 fan. (I’m guessing whoever decided to sell the chairs at a yardsale lost that one.)

I took this shot because of how excited I was that someone was selling such a neat artifact of ye olden tymes (or at least, something they found at a craft fair last year), but now I think I need to submit it to The Great Typo Hunt, for that egregiousness use of an apostrophe! You’d think a doctor would know better.

Also at one of the yardsales, I noticed that the parents were letting the kids price the items, apparently without any oversight. In particular, one plastic toy dump-truck was selling for $15 (approximately $15 over market value), and an old, slightly rusted bicycle was priced at one-hundred dollars. I overheard the two kids arguing over this; one child was adamant that they not charge any more than $50. I don’t think I bought anything at that sale.

Total spent: $2.50

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