Giant Pine Cones!

Now you might be asking yourself, “why in the world would you purchase a pair of pine cones from a yard sale? What possible use could you have for those?” (And if you are asking yourself that question…hey Dad! I didn’t know you read my blog!)

Well, first of all, these aren’t just any pine cones…they’re THE BIGGEST PINE CONES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Just take a look at this size-compassion shot:

Isn’t that enough of a reason?

(I originally tried to take a picture of the pine cone on top of my computer keyboard, but it just made it look like I was using a tiny baby computer.)

Secondly, I happen to have two great uses for pine cones back a the old homestead:

My two bunnies, Maya and Phoenix.

They love them some pine cones.

The man running the yard sale told me that the pine cones were originally from Illinois, AKA the Giant Pine Cone state. …Well, actually, he told somebody else that. I’d never have the courage to ask someone where his pine cones came from. Fun fact: Did you know that Illinois was the inspiration for a level in Super Mario Bros. 3? I decided not to tell him why I was buying the pine cones. I didn’t think he’d appreciate knowing that he brought them all the way from Illinois to the east coast just so my rabbits could eat them.

And that’s not the only wonderful thing I found this past Saturday. I also saw—I swear to God—which you’ll note is a clever play on words after you finish this sentence—something purporting to be the “Extreme Bible.” I’m serious. It was The Bible, and it had pictures of kids skating and skydiving on the cover. Here, I’ll show you:

I tried reading some passages from the Extreme Bible (“and the angel said unto Mary, ‘duuuuuuuuude'”), but there was nothing really “extreme” about it; the language was just dumbed down so that kids could understand it better. They took all the “haths” and replaced them with “haves,” stuff like that. I didn’t purchase it, because I couldn’t support that kind of dishonesty.

2 thoughts on “Giant Pine Cones!

  1. Stefano Wohsdioghasdhisdg says:

    You know, the church I used to go to actually had some of those bibles. They were stupid looking.

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